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Tel: +1 (815) 246-2460
Email: DShaneNYC@gmail.com
Twitter: @davidshane

I am the Founder of Optiquity, Inc. I build teams and personally do mobile technology strategy and development for a variety of platforms, development environments and industries. Highlights are below, but please see my resume for details.

  • MIT Computer Science and Wharton MBA degrees
  • Project Management leading technical, creative, marketing teams
  • Software and System Design and Architecture using SDLC and Agile methodologies
  • Language Focus: Objective C, Swift, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Python
  • OS Focus: Unix, OS X, iPhone / iPad
  • Industry Focus: Finance, Investment and Banking, Games, Media and Entertainment, Social Networking
  • Cloud and virtual computing environments with iCloud, Amazon EC2 and VMware
  • Web, Database, iPhone and mobile platform design and development
  • Small and Large scale design, development and project management
  • Experienced with post-Development project maintenance and promotion (e.g. SEO, Social Indexing, demograpically targeted advertising)